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Intellectual Properties / Publications

In line with Nitto's business activities, the importance of intellectual property related to internal research and development is increasing.

Nitto Denko Technical's intellectual property (IP) estate includes over 1,000 cases and over 150 granted patents worldwide. Nitto Denko Technical's IP estate includes Nano-Ceramics, Nano-Organics, Optronics, and Drug Delivery related patents.

In November 2015, Nitto Denko Technical's parent company — Nitto Denko Corporation — received a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator award for the 5th consecutive year.

Our Patents

Title Granted Number(s)
Sterically regulated methacrylic polymer and process for producing the same US6,864,338 B2
Polymer, Producing Method Thereof, and Photorefractive Composition US6,610,809 B1, 1578884 B1, E2261270 B1
Polydioxabrines US6,653,421 B1, EP1799748 B1
Photorefractive Composition US6,653,421 B1, 4456603, 1667732
Controllably Degradable Polymeric Biomolecule or Drug Carrier and Method of Synthesizing said Carrier 4425128, CN1646174, 1503802, 10-00994523
Fullerene Containing Polymer, Produciing Method Thereof, and Photorefractive Composition US6,809,156 B2, US7,186,781 B2
Photorefractive Composite US7,067,230 B2
Solid surface for biomolecule delivery and high-throughput assay US8,192,989 B2, 2,512,144, EP1587954 B1, DK/EP2253718, 4580764, 10-0863774, CN1738911, HK1088637
Biodegradable Polycetals US6,878,374 B2, 4560036
Photocleavable DNA transfer Composition US7,332,477 B2
Cationic Polymers Having Degradeble Crosslinks US7,163,677 B2, DE602004007115, EP1675888 B1
Acid-Sensitive Polyacetals and Methods US7,048,925 B2, HK1092822, 1664144
Degradable polyacetals for In Vivo polynucleotide delivery US7,794,696 B2, US8,383,091 B2, 4586022, EP1667732 B1
Microscope systeme and methods for intracellular studies US7,368,240 B2
Culture device and method for eukaryotic cell transfection US7,125,709 B2, CN100487122, EP1723240 B1, 4551903
Compositions and Methods for Biodegradable Polymer-Peptide Mediatred Transfection US7,446,099 B2
Reverse synthetic methods for making organic non-linear optical materials US7,344,662 B2
Intracellular peptide delivery US7,521,415 B2, 1812074, 4959570
Transepithelial Delivery of Peptides with Incretin Hormone Activities US7,442,682 B2
Biodegradable cationic polymers US7,358,223 B2, US8,258,235 B2
Biodegradable cationic polymer with both lipid and cationic tails US7,700,542 B2, CN101035835, 261783, HK1124627
A crosslinkable acrylate based polymer and an optical device polymerbased materials thereof US7,317,058 B2
Immobilized degradable cationic polymer for transfecting eukaryotic cells 2005316501, 10-1263173
Multivalent reagents useful for enhancing molecular translocation across cellular membrane and epithelial tissues US7,745,392 B2
Peptide nucleic acid based guanidinium compounds US7,700,565 B2, US8,309,514
Guanidinium delivery carriers US7687603B2
Polymer coating of cells US8,216,558 B2, US7,674,452 B2
Biodegradable polyacetals and methods for delivering biomolecules and imaging agents US7,588,754 B2
Polyglutamate-aspartate-taxanes 5237821, 26647BE12009, DK/EP1969031T3, 2206736, CN101321806, MA/a/2008/007211, RU2472812 C2, EP2077290 B1, HK1146075, HK1124627
Non-Liner optical device sensitive to green laser US7,985,356 B2
Non-Liner Optical device with long grating persistency US7,736,548 B2
A highly cross-linked cationic lipopolymer for the delivery of a bioactive agent such as dna, rna, oligonucleotides, proteins, peptides, and drugs US7,700,541 B2
Light emitting devices 7993747, CN101467280, 5036810
Systems and methods for improving the performance of a photorefractive device 2009-547336, 2434340
Multi-functional drug carriers 2125025
Nanoscale phosphor particles with hight quantum efficiency and method of psynthesizing the same US8,137,588 B2
Carbon-containing semiconducting devices and methods of making thereof US8,030,127 B2
Compositions that include a hydrophobic compound and a polymino acid conjugate US8,329,199 B2, US8,197,828 B2, EP2155255, 5341879
Polymers conjugated with platinum drugs 2155254
Solution processable white Organic light emitting diode material 8,597,803
Solution processable white Organic light emitting diode material 5,481,385
Lyotropic liquid crystal systems based on peryleneteracarboxylic diimide sulfoderives and carboxyvatives, related anisortopic films and methods for making 55504180, CN200980113782.7
Nanoparticle synthesis by solvothermal process 7959855, I450863
Light emiting device with translucent ceramic plate US8,502,442, CN101953230, JP5631745, I493746
Lyotropic liquid crystal systems based on Bisancenapthyopyraz [peryleneteracarboxylic diimide sulfoderives and carboxyvatives, related anisortopic films and methods for making] 2011-503075
Lyotropic chromophore, lyotropic liquid crystal systems and optically anisotropic films (perylene imidaxole type) US8,674,103 B2
Asymmetric photo-patternable sol-gel precursors and the method of preparation US8,513,372
Blue fluorescent emitter for OLED application 8420235
Dendritic macromolecular emitters for printable light emitting device US8,721,922
Direct production of size-controlled phase pure ceramic garnet micro/nanoparticles using thermochemical non-equilibrium synthesis routes 8206672
Method for manufacturing phosphor translucent ceramics and light emitting devices using the same US8,137,587
Ambipolar host in organic light emitting diode US8,003,229 B2, 1429636, 2393900, CN201080010223.6
Method for producint size-limited nanoparticles US8,697,479
Laminated transparent and translucent phosphor ceramic sheets and methods of making thereof US 8283843
Stable blue/host for OLED application US8,586,205, ZL201080041557.X, 5,746,701
Therapeutic light source at near-infrared emission for photodynamic therapy [SZ-4] US8,808,879
Organic electron transport materials, bis(benzimidazole)-bipyridine US8,585,926
Phosphor composition and light emitting device using the same. US8,207,663, I535826
Luminescent ceramic for light emitting device and method for making the same US8,846,172
Light emitting devices with dopant concentration gradients within the emissive layers and methods of making thereof. US8,828,531, US9,102,875
Stable blue fluorescent heterocyclic emitter for OLED application US8,426,040B2, 5805209, ZL201180060609.2, EP2655338B1, US9,373,797,B2, I557114, US9,987,621B2
Ambipolar host in organic light emitting diode US8,263,843
Retinoid-Liposomes for enchancing modulation of HSP47 Expression US8,664,376B2
An optical elementand method to enhance color discrimination in colorblind people and methods for making same US8,820,923B2, US8,845,095B2
Organic light emitting host materials, 1,3-bis<5-(9H-carbazo1-9-yl)> benzene US8,895,157
Nucleic acid delivery US8,741,867B2
Phospor compositions and methods of making the same US8,871,114
An optical lens to enhance color discrimanation in colorblind people US8,939,576B2
Polyphenylene Host Compounds US8,933,243B2, ZL201280031055.8, US9,548,458B2
An Optical thin film to enhance color discrimination in colorblind people US8,931,930B2
Ceramic body for light emitting devices US8,922,111
Organic Light-emitting diode with enhanced efficiency US8,933,439, 5,934,656
Light emitting devices and compositions I1461506
Phototherapy devices and methods comprising optionally substituted terphenyl and quaterphenyl compounds US8,929,978, 5970475, ZL201280011877.X, EP2668247, I564293
Stable blue fluorescent heterocyclic emitter for OLED application US8,927,121B2, 5,681,179, I480267, ZL201080035757.4
Internal light extraction film for OLED and the method to fabricate the same US8,952,364B2
Optical Element for correcting color blindness US8,863,104B2, US9,022,562B2, 6010121, US9,885,883B2, 2951620, US10,119,070B2, ZL201280049194.3
Cationic lipids for therapeutic agent delivery formulations US9,011,903B2, 5873553
Light emitting composite with phosphor compnents US8,968,600
Organic light emiiting host materials US8,833,243B2
An optical element and method to enhance color discrimination in colorblind people and methods for making same US8,963,104B2, US9,022,562B2
Internal light extraction film for OLED and the method to fabricate the same US8,952,364B2
Methods for preparing liposomes encapsulating oligonucleotides US8,856,572 B2
An Optical thin film to enhance color discrimination in colorblind people US8,931,930 B2
Photorefractive composition responsive to multiple laser wavelengths across the visible light spectrum 5,774,104
Emissive Triaryls 5,773,585
Polymer conjugates with a linker US, 9,078,926 B2
Light emissive ceramic laminate and method of making same ZL201180008530.5, 5,763,683, 100133245
Garnet-based phosphor ceramic sheets for light emitting device 5,749,327, US9,130,131
Emissive ceramic materials having a dopant concentration gradient and methods of making and using the same US9,102,875B2
Bipolar hosts for light emitting devices US9,112,159 B2, I1592463
Organic Light Emitting Host Materials US9,712,051B2
PGGA-new linker-paclitaxel conjugates US9,707,892B2
Low molecular weight single molecule white emitter 5,746,713
Translucent ceramicsheets composed of phosphor and non-emissive layers and methods of making thereof I486254
Method and apparatus for sintering flat ceramics US9,206,086B2, US9,205571B2
Substituted bipyridines for use in organic light-emitting devices ZL201180050584.8, US9,328,086B2, 11764631.5, I534243, 6,031,034
Nucleic acid delievery 5873168
Novel cationic lipids 5873604
Compounds for porous films in light-emitting devices US9,051,284, 1515189
Luminescent ceramic and light-emitting device using the same 5,833,547
Co-Polymer Conjugates US9,295,728
Top-Emitting white organic light-emitting diodes having improved efficiency and stability US9,299,945B2
Substituted biaryl compounds for light-emitting devices US9,328,094B2
Hybrid composite emissive construct and light-emitting devices using the same 5792894, ZL201180054323.3, I610477
Light-emitting devices for phototherapy I1541231
Porous films for use in light-emitting devices I542062, ZL201280019193.4
Organic light emitting host materials US9,425,408B2
Compounds for use in light emitting devices US9,379,336B2
Substituted bisaryloxybiphenyl compounds for use in light-emitting devices US9,343,684B2
Lypids for therapeutic agent delivery formulations US9,308,267B2
Compounds for targeting drug delivery and enhancing siRNA activity US9,393,315B2
Compounds for organic light emitting diode emissive layers 2477979
Light Extraction Element US9,499,740B2, I655792
Light-Emitting Devices Comprising Emissive Layer US9,614,162B2, I622497
Emissive Compacts and method of making the same US9,765,257B2
Light-Emitting Compounds for Light-Emitting Devices 6225271
Highly-Fluorescent and Photo-Stable Chromophores for Wavelength Conversion ZL201480010704.5
Organic Light Emitting Host Materials I607077, US9,263681B2
White Organic Light-Emitting Diode US9,859,517B2
Efficient Organic Light Emitting Diodes and fabrication of the same US9,853,220B2
3,5-BIS (10-Naphthalenyl-Anthracen-9-YL) pyridine compounds as hosts for light-emitting devices US9,923,145B2
Top emitting white organic light-emitting diodes having improved efficiency and stability US9,917,281B2
Functionalized Graphene Barrier Element US9,969,682B2
Substituted Biphenyl Compounds for use in Light-Emitting Devices US9,978,953B2
Top-Enmitting white organic light-emitting diodes and method for color tuning the same I633691
Chromophores for photochromic compositions useful for three dimensional display applications US10,077,362B2
Phosphor Ceramic Element US10,093,856B2
Phosophor Ceramics and Methods of making the same I651395
Graphene Oxide Barrier Film 6514343, 3245246
Highly Photo-stable Bis-triazole Fluorophores US10,005,787B2
Selectively Permeable Graphene Oxide Membrane US10,442,709B2
Light-Emitting Devices for Wound Healing I670098
Functionalized Graphene Barrier Element 6640241
Selectively Permeable Graphene Oxide/Polyvinyl Alcohol Membrane for Dehydration 6640332

Our Publications

"Efficient systemic delivery of siRNA to the mouse liver by pegylated lipopolymer"
(International Journal of Pharmaceutics Vol. 427, Issue 1, 1/5/12 Page 58-63)
"Novel biodegradable lipid nano complex for siRNA delivery significantly improving the chemosensitivity of human colon cancer stem cells to paclitaxel"
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"Characterization of a clinical polymer-drug conjugate using multiscale modeling"
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(Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, DOI 10.1007/s00280-009-1058-x, (2010) 65: 515-526, 7/11/2009)
"Synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluation of poly(L-g-glutamyl-glutamine) –paclitaxel nanoconjugate"
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"Rewritable photorefractive large area color display material"
(3D Research (CC3DR 2012, 6/25/12, Yokohama- AM-FPD’11, 7/10/11)
"A Cell-Based Pharmacokinetics Assay for Evaluating Tubulin-Binding Drugs"
(Int. J. Med. Sci. March 2014; 11(5): 479-487. doi:10.7150/ijms.8340)

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