Intellectual Properties / Publications

In line with Nitto’s business activities, the importance of intellectual property related to internal research and development is increasing.

Nitto has over 15,000 patent families granted or in process. At Nitto Denko Technical Corp., our intellectual property includes over 1,000 cases and 150 granted patents, includes novelty functional materials, optronic, related patents, in topics such as novelty functional materials, optronics, etc.

TOP 100 Global Innovator: Innovation Award 8 consecutive years. Nitto Denko Corporation has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Patent # Title
10,583,421 Photocatalytic coated granules and method of making same
10,461,201 Highly-fluorescentand photo-stable chromophores for wavelength conversion
10,379,095 Gassensor element
10,119,070 Optical element for correcting color blindness
9,969,682 Functionalized graphene barrier element
9,918,665 Transdermal porator and patch system and method forusing same
9,917,281 Top-emitting white organic light-emitting diodeshaving improved efficiency and stability
9,601,710 Organic light-emitting diode with enhanced efficiency
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