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Wavelength Conversion Technology

Proprietary dyes developed at Nitto Denko Technical convert specific sunlight wavelength to longer, desired wavelength needed in custom applications. One such application is related to photovoltaic solar panels. The wavelength conversion (WLC) additives are added to a PV encapsulating sheet. Those WLC dyes absorb close to 100% of the UV-light contained in sunlight and produce blue light. UV-light is otherwise not utilized by silicon-based solar panels. In addition, UV-light is generally considered to be harmful to solar panels, so it is typically cut by ultraviolet absorbers. However, it has been verified that converting UV-light into visible-light enables the more effective use of energy and increases electricity generation by approximately 2 %. These PV panel enhancing sheets with the WLC dye have been commercialized under the brand name RAYCREA as of 2015. This brand new, world-class technology can be implemented to enhance the power of a module with no capital investment or re-inspection of other components, such as the back sheet.

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