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Visible Light Photocatalyst

Visible-light photocatalysts absorb visible radiation and change the rate of chemical reactions. The catalyst creates a strong oxidation agent that breaks down any organic matter to carbon dioxide and water. Optimizations in materials design and engineering have led to several different applications. The photocatalyst is being tested in odor and pollutant removal applications, such as air purifiers (elimination of volatile organic chemicals). To that end, the photocatalytic compounds can be embedded in filter materials. Compared to existing photocatalysts, Nitto Denko Technical's novel inorganic material does not require UV irradiation and shows improved activity. The use of a visible light source versus UV irradiation has cost and health related benefits.

Other applications are evaluated in terms of the photocatalyst's antimicrobial activity as well as its mold inhibition properties. Elimination of specific gas phase analytes are being targeted in food preservation applications (i.e. ethylene removal for freshness keeping of fruits and vegetables).

Experimental proof-of-concept studies with 3rd party OEMs are currently in process to tailor and optimize the photocatalyst's activity to a particular application.

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