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Advanced Technology Group

The mission of Nitto Denko Technical's Advanced Technology Group is the research and development of materials-related innovations.

Advanced Technology Group recognizes technology trends, identifies new technology based prospects and tests novel proof of concepts. The Group works in close contact with Nitto's other worldwide research centers and utilizes our comprehensive expertise to generate new business opportunities.

The research in the Advanced Technology Group spans across many fields of materials science and engineering including ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, nanomaterials, catalysis, photonics, optics, sensors, membranes and more.

Advanced Technology Group has state-of-the-art wet chemistry installations, including a clean-room and a broad variety of analytical characterization instruments. In addition to internal business collaborations, the Group's researches often join forces with top academic experts to advance our applied research efforts. The ultimate goal of Nitto Denko Technical's Advanced Technology Group is to discover new science and technology tools that contribute to Nitto's customers' value creation with innovative ideas.

  • Over 12,000 square feet of lab space

  • Laser laboratory

  • Analytical materials characterization

  • Our declaration of safety

Current Technologies in Development

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