Nitto Denko Technical Corp. | Oceanside, CA

About Nitto Denko Technical: Innovation for customers

Nitto Denko Technical Corporation was established in Oceanside, California in October 2000 as an independent center of excellence for research and development into new growth engines for its parent company, Nitto Denko Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan. In addition, Nitto opened a Life Science Research Center in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, California in 2012.

The mission of Nitto Denko Technical is the research of groundbreaking technology trends, identification of unmet needs and subsequently the research of unique and novel solutions to address those niche applications.

We utilize global experts from academia and private industry to help find innovative approaches that ultimately contribute to our customers' value creation. Our goal is to amaze and inspire Nitto's customers with novel, cutting-edge science and technology solutions.

Nitto Denko Technical's R&D efforts concentrate around three research fields:

  • Green - Environment Management (air, water, mineral, and soil)
  • Clean - Energy Management (storage, production, conservation and conversion)
  • Fine - Preparing for a super-aging society (prevention, diagnosis and treatment)

Promising projects progress to a proof-of-concept stage, which are the seedlings for new business prospects with a commitment to solve our customers unmet needs. New research themes are selected with synergies to Nitto's existing global expertise. These exploration themes are discussed within Nitto's five global R&D centers as well as appropriate business units. The collaborative effort builds a strong knowledge network and is the backbone of Nitto Denko Technical's research activities with the goal of expanding Nitto's business opportunities.

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